Selected Fields 2007

Past - Historians Authors of Major Works of History


The 2007 Dan David Prize in the Past Time Dimension will be awarded to an eminent historian whose work makes a contribution to the understanding of encounters and exchanges between civilizations. The recipient of the prize will be the author of major works which go beyond subjects of narrow focus, and make a significant contribution to the understanding of the human experience, as well as global and local aspects of major trends in historical developments and changes.

Therefore, the prize will be given to an author who has documented large structural changes within or between societies, and the repercussions they had on ordinary people's daily lives; a historian who has written extensively, challenging commonly held notions and making an impact on contemporary historiography.

Present - Contemporary Music


Contemporary music is any music being written in the present day and relates more to a time frame, rather than a particular style or unifying idea.

In the early part of the 20th century contemporary music included modernism, the twelve tone technique, atonality, unresolved and greater amounts of dissonance, rhythmic complexity and neoclassicism. In the '50s contemporary music generally meant serialism, in the '60s serialism, indeterminacy, electronic music including computer music, mixed media, performance art, and fluxus, and since then minimal music, post-minimalism, and all of the above.

In general, there are three broad trends. The first is the continuation of modern avant-garde traditions, including musical experimentalism. The second are schools which sought to revitalize a tonal style based on previous common practice. The third focuses on non-functional triadic harmony, exemplified by composers working in the minimalist and related traditions.

The 2007 Dan David Prize in the Present Time Dimension will be awarded to a composer or performer who uses the materials of and addresses the concerns of the particular period of time we live in; whose music speaks to, inspires and excites listeners living in our time.

Future - Quest for Energy


Energy affects the economy, the environment and social welfare of human societies worldwide, and as the world's population increases and technology progresses energy needs will continue to rise exponentially.

Sources of energy are manifold: Fossil fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas - their downside being the release of CO2 and pollutants that trap the heat of the sun in the Earth's atmosphere, producing the greenhouse effect and emit toxic metals, carcinogens and mutagens; Renewable energy obtained from sources that are essentially inexhaustible such as waste, wind, hydro power, and sunlight - however, the cost of renewable energy technologies remains high, and are only now becoming competitive in some market conditions; Nuclear energy, which is clean and economically competitive - yet although responsibility is being taken for safety procedures and the disposal of radioactive waste, the dangers from mishaps and negligence are potentially disastrous. The 2007 Dan David Prize in the Future Time Dimension will be awarded to a visionary and innovator who has made outstanding achievements in creating technologies to harness new sources of energy and/or make use of existing ones in ways that will not be detrimental to human health and the earth's environment.