Laureates 2010

Past - March Towards Democracy

Giorgio Napolitano

Register to read more...Giorgio Napolitano is the President of the Republic of Italy and is known for his dedication to the cause of Parliamentary democracy and his contribution to the rapprochement between the Italian

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Present - Literature: Rendition of the 20th Century

Margaret Atwood

Register to read more...One of Canada's most renowned writers, Margaret Atwood is a... read more

Amitav Ghosh

Register to read more...Amitav Ghosh is an lndian-Bengali novelist whose work offers a panoramic treatment of twentieth-century history from a postcolonial... read more

Future - Computers and Telecommunications

Leonard Kleinrock

Register to read more...Prof. Leonard Kleinrock, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Los Angeles is known as a "Father of the Internet".... read more

Gordon E. Moore

Register to read more...Dr. Gordon E. Moore is a visionary. His

prediction in 1965, widely known as "Moore's Law",  stated that the number of  transistors on a chip will double about every two years. Moore's Law has become

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Michael O. Rabin

Register to read more...Prof. Michael O. Rabin, Professor of Computer Science at Harvard University, Boston, and at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem,is one of the most prominent computer scientists of all time.


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