Scholars 2004

2004 Present - Leadership, Changing Our World

Casiro Jessica

Boston University, Department of Sociology 

"Angels in Hell: Argentina's Willing Altruists"

January 2006

I conducted field research in Argentina in 2003 for five months and I spent the rest of 2003, 2004 and the first part of 2005 analyzing the data and writing up my dissertation. I successfully defended my dissertation on July 2005. My project is entitled : "Angels in Hell: A study of Argentine rescuers during the political killings of 1976-1983". I am currently working on publishing some articles from this project and the whole manuscript as a book. I have moved to Sydney, Australia and I am currently working as a Research Associate at the Australian Graduate School of Management studying in particular the field of social networks.

Update December 2016

"After working as a Research and Evaluation Manager and Research and Evaluation Advisor for the NGO sector in Sydney Australia for 4 years, last year I funded a company called PREP Consulting. At PREP we provide planning, research, evaluation and practice support to organisations. Among other things, we help our clients apply for funding, design new programs and evaluate existing programs. "