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Makovski Tal

tal makovski

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Department of Psychology - TAU

Title of Research: 
"Attention to Dimensions"


January 2017

Currently an associate professor at the department of Education and Psychology in the Open University of Israel.

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December 2005
I have submitted my PhD dissertation for a review in August and I have recently started my Post-Doc training at Harvard University with Dr. Yuhong Jiang . My current research develops some of the issues I investigated during my doctoral studies and it mainly concerns the relationship between Visual Attention and Visual Short Term Memory. Furthermore, I am studying here important novel Neuro-Imagery technics that will expend my abilities as a Neuro-cognitive researcher. I intend to stay here for at least two-years then I will try to apply for a University position in Israel.

Update: November 2010 
After completing my PhD in Tel Aviv University, I started my post-doc training first at Harvard University and now at the University of Minnesota, working with Prof. Yuhong Jiang. My research focuses on visual cognition and specifically I am interested in attention, working memory and visual learning.