Scholars 2013

2013 Future - Preventive Medicine


oren rotman

Tel-Aviv University, Department of Biomedical Engineering

"Effect of arterial distensibility and stenoses on pressure drop in pulsatile flow"

Update December 2016

  • I have published three papers that are relevant to my PhD work and my Dan David scholar award:
    • Rotman, O.M., Zaretsky, U., Shitzer, A., Einav, S. "Method for High Accuracy Differential Pressure Measurements using Fluid-Filled Catheters", Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 42 (8), 1705-1716 (2014).
    • Rotman, O.M., Weiss, D., Zaretsky, U., Shitzer, A., Einav, S. "High Accuracy Differential Pressure Measurements using Fluid-Filled Catheters – A Feasibility Study in Compliant Tubes", J. of Biomechanics, 48 (12), 3543-3548 (2015).
    • Rotman, O.M., Shitzer, A., Einav, S. “Pressure Drop and Arterial Distensibility: Two Arterial Parameters in One Measurement”. J. Biomechanics. In press (2016).
  • April 2015 to present - Postdoctoral Associate at Stony Brook University, NY, at the Biofluids research group of Prof. Danny Bluestein. I'm developing a novel polymeric aortic valve for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) procedure, the only available life-saving procedure for high risk patients with severe aortic valve stenosis.
  • Member of the organizing committee of the 8th International Biolfuids Symposium, Caltech Pasadena, CA, 2016.
  • Guest Editor of the Journal of Biomechanics special issue on Biofluid Mechanics (2016).
  • I was recently awarded $50 thousand REACH U01 grant from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. The project entitled "Targeted Anti-Thrombotic Drug Delivery Using Engineered Nano-Carriers." 
  • Consultant for Vascular Simulations LLC (Stony Brook, NY), a biomedical start-up company that develops upper body vascular simulators as a platform for neuro-interventionists to practice on a patient-specific vascular models before actual procedures.
  • Co-investigator with Prof. Shmuel Einav and Mr. Dar Weiss in two-successively awarded Colton Grant funding at Tel-Aviv University (2015-present). Development and testing, in-vivo and in-vitro, of a novel short peripheral catheter (infusion catheter) for reduction of Thrombophlebitis. Thrombophlebitis is an inflammation of the vein wall, and the most common complication associated with the use of these catheters.
    • Rotman, O.M., Shav D., Raz, S., Zaretsky, U., Einav, S. "Biomechanical Aspects of Catheter-Related Thrombophlebitis", J. Biomedical Science and Engineering, 6, 6-13 (2013).
    • Weiss, D., Rotman, O.M., Einav, S. “Quantitative T2 Mapping for Detection and Quantification of Thrombophlebitis in a Rabbit Model”. J. Biomechanics. In press (2016).