Review Committees 2002

Review Committees 2021


Sir Prof. Keith Thomas, Chairperson
All Souls, Oxford; Former President of the British Academy

Prof. Joyce Appleby
History Department, UCLA; Former President of the American Historical Association

Prof. Saul Friedlander
History Department, UCLA

Prof. Paul Zanker
The Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
Chairperson of German Archeological Institute in Rome

Prof. Bernard Lewis
Princeton University


Technology, Information & Society

Mr. Joshua Cooper Ramo, Chairperson
Senior Editor, Time Magazine

Prof. Rosabeth Moss Kanter 
Harvard Business School

Mr. Jeff Skoll  
Vice-President, Ebay; Co-Founder Ebay

Ms. Esther Dyson
Chairperson, EDventure Holdings

Mr. Jay Walker
CEO, Walker Digital

Mr. Nathan Myhrvold
Co-President, Intellectual Ventures; Former CTO, Microsoft

Mr. Benjamin Rosen
Chairman, Compaq Computer Corp.


Life Sciences

Dr. Richard D. Klausner, Chairperson
Director, National Cancer Institute

Dr. Bruce Alberts
President, National Academy of Sciences

Prof. Arnold J. Levine
President, The Rockefeller University

Dr. Leland H. Hartwel
President & Director, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center; Nobel Prize Laureate (2001)

Dr. Paul Nurse
Director, General Imperial Cancer Research Fund; Nobel Prize Laureate (2001)

Prof. Shirley M. Tilghman
President, Princeton University