Selected Fields 2020

Future - Artificial Intelligence


The field of Artificial Intelligence has the ambitious goal of building machines that can mimic aspects of human behavior such as learning, reasoning, perception and movement.

Achieving this goal can dramatically change modern society, for example by reducing risk to humans via autonomous vehicles, improving healthcare via automated diagnostics, and making new scientific discoveries by applying AI to large amounts of data.

In recent years we have witnessed dramatic progress in this field, with machines matching or out-performing humans in several tasks. Extensive research efforts are ongoing to reduce the large gap that remains between what humans and computers can achieve.

The development of AI heralds a new era for humanity, one that brings with it a promise of extraordinary advancements, but also serious challenges from the ethical, social and economic point of view.

The 2019 Dan David Prize for the Future Time Dimension in the field of Artificial Intelligence will be awarded to an outstanding individual or individuals who have made a groundbreaking, significant contribution to advancing Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of humanity and who continue to pioneer this field.