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A better understanding of the causes of cancer development and its progression has been achieved in recent years. Prevention efforts such as tobacco control and early diagnosis will have a significant impact on cancer-related mortality. Quality of life for cancer survivors has improved dramatically. However, the challenging goal of cancer elimination has yet to be met.

The term 'cancer therapy' is used collectively for modalities that aim to improve the lives of cancer patients by controlling and curing cancer.

In addition to the more established treatment modalities such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, an enormous worldwide effort is being made to develop additional approaches to the treatment of cancer patients. Promising findings in the basic sciences are translated into clinical research. New agents with a potential to destroy cancer cells or to modify the responses of the patient are being identified. Biologic characteristics of cancer cells that may serve as targets for anti-cancer therapy and can be clinically exploited are being discovered every day. Terms such as gene-therapy, biological therapy or targeted therapy have become household expressions.

The 2006 Dan David Prize, for the Future Time Dimension, will honor an individual (or individuals) who has made outstanding contributions in the field of Cancer Therapy.