Selected Fields 2016

Present - Combatting Poverty

presentPoverty numbers worldwide stand at about 800 million people - one out of every nine people in the world.  Women and children comprise 60 percent of the hungry, resulting in a high percentage of deaths due to poor nutrition and lack of proper health care.

Disease, hunger, and lack of access to food and clean water, compounded with little if any access to education and medical services, renders whole populations powerless, with ongoing insecurities and virtually no ability to climb out and stay out of poverty. Matters of urgency include the provision of comprehensive health care facilities, including education and information on health and parenthood, food self-sufficiency and sustainable agriculture, accessibility to clean water and sanitation, and primary education.

Sustainable development must be achieved at every level of society. Local organizations, women's groups and non-governmental organizations are important sources of innovation and action and have a strong interest and proven ability to promote sustainable livelihoods.

Recent, ongoing and recurrent crises reflect the depth of human suffering and the inadequacy of programs to move poor countries and populations to a more stable development pattern. This environment creates an urgency for thinking about the social dimensions of development and highlights the uncertainties in the global economy. The struggle against poverty is the shared responsibility of all countries the world over.

The 2016 Dan David Prize in the Present Time Dimension will be awarded to an outstanding individual or organization whose achievements are making a significant impact in the fight to eradicate poverty.