Selected Fields 2021

Literature is said to be both a mirror and a lamp: in one sense it affords society at large and communities who share a culture and language to regard themselves as if reflected in fictional images and situations. It offers a critique of the past and present by representing them as real, and thus creates an experience of combined distance and proximity: we easily share the plights of imagined heroes and anti-heroes, and we passionately feel the emotions expressed in poetic language.

On the other hand, and complementarily, literature reveals some of our most suppressed dreams and fantasies, it awakens dormant phantoms of unchartered territories of our soul and mind, and employs our imagination and creative powers to explore the challenging unknown. Thus, literature invites us to a journey into ourselves and out of ourselves at one and the same time. 

The 2017 Dan David Prize in the Present Time Dimension will be awarded to an outstanding author whose ongoing works inspire and enlighten, having a major impact on society.