Selected Fields 2018

PRESENT - Bioethics




Bioethics is the study of the ethical implications of advancements in biological research, biotechnology, and medicine. Genome sequencing and genetic engineering, stem-cell research and cloning, abortion and euthanasia, the distribution of limited medical resources and responsibility towards future generations, are only a few of the concrete questions that bioethicists address.

Bioethicists are also interested in broader questions concerning the ways in which new scientific and technological developments transform the ways in which we think about our shared humanity, and give rise to previously unforeseeable ethical imperatives. Nature has become malleable to human intervention, but what happens when the barely imaginable becomes real? What may we hope for and what should we fear?

The Dan David Prize in the Present Time Dimension will be awarded to an outstanding individual or organization in any field of the humanities or social sciences who have transformed our understanding of the moral and ethical significance of biological and medical innovations in our times.