Future - Molecular Medicine

Selected Fields 2021
Molecular medicine is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates techniques from physics, chemistry, biology, bioinformatics and medicine to bridge the gap between basic science on the molecular level and medical practice. It focuses on the discovery of molecular mechanisms of disease pathogenesis, which can be exploited for the development of new diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive tools for the benefit of humanity.

The concept of molecular medicine dates back to the late 1940s; however, the completion of the human genome project propelled molecular medicine to the forefront of the health-tech ecosystem.

The recent explosion of genetic information has led to the discovery of many genetic and molecular determinants of health and disease. This new data, together with other biotechnological advancements, such as CRISPR, RNA interference, single cell RNA sequencing and proteomics, have facilitated the translation of molecular discoveries into practical medical applications.   

This field represents one of the revolutionary medical advancements in recent decades and it continues to evolve rapidly. It may even hold the key to accelerating the discovery of an effective treatment for Covid-19 – using advanced computing tools and lab models – or advancing the development of diagnostic tools.

The 2021 Dan David Prize in the Future Time Dimension will honor an individual or organization making an outstanding and ongoing contribution to the field of Molecular Medicine.