Mr. Francis Wahl

Wahl PhotoInternational Businessman


Date and place of birth: August 3, 1948, in Boulogne s/Seine (F).

Other Activities

Founder (1971) and Member of the Committee of LICRA (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism) in Switzerland

Founder (1970) and member of the (CID) later called Comite Intercommunitaire contre l`Antisemitism et La Diffamation (CICAD). Founder of the Geneva Liberal Jewish Community


Various arts contemporary paintings and sculptures as well as Antiquities and primitive art (especially pre-Columbian and African)

Co-editor in 1992 of the first book ever published on the Mezcala culture (Mexico 200 B.C.)

Co-editor in 2002 of the first book ever published on the Chontal culture (Mexico 300-100 B.C.)

Member of the organizing committee of various exhibitions on pre-Columbian art.


Officier de la Legion d`Honneur (J.O. 2.04.99)
Officier de l`Ordre National du Merite (J.O. 15.05.92)