Name Your Hero Youth Essay Competition

Name Your Hero 2021
Name Your Hero Youth Essay Competition - Name Your Hero Youth Essay Competition - kasa fenta london The Dan David Prize, together with Tel Aviv Youth University, presents the "Name Your Hero" Essay Competition involving students from high schools throughout Israel.

Young people are encouraged to write about their hero or their choice of candidate for the Dan David Prize. 
High School students are invited to present their suggestions and leave their mark on the Dan David Prize! 
If you are in the 9th - 12th grades, are imaginative and want to make a difference, you are invited to participate in the Name Your Hero Youth Essay Competition and tell the story of your hero.
Monetary prizes will be awarded for outstanding essays!

In the first stage, you will be requested to submit your proposal, backing your suggestion with detailed supporting arguments.

Should you pass this stage successfully, you will be invited to a one-day writing workshop at Tel Aviv University to assist you in the writing of your final essay.

The winners will be announced ahead of the Dan David Prize Award Ceremony in May at Tel Aviv University.

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