Youth Competition

Name Your Hero Youth Competition

In Cooperation with
Israel Ministry of Education & The Dov Lautman Unit for Science Oriented Youth
Jaime and Joan Constantiner School for Education
Tel Aviv University

heroThe Dan David Prize, in conjunction with The Dov Lautman Unit for Science Oriented Youth at Tel Aviv University has initiated the "Name Your Hero" Essay Competition for High School Youth throughout Israel. High school students are encouraged to make a difference and present their choice of candidate and/or suggestions for fields, to the mutual benefit of the Dan David Prize and the students; the fields selected for a given year are influenced by the students' input and the students' scholarship and creative writing skills are advanced.


High School students are invited to take part in the selection of candidates and of the fields in which the prizes will be bestowed!

If you are in the 9th - 12th grades, are imaginative and want to make a difference, you are invited to participate in Dan David Prize High School Youth Competition and present your ideas for the candidates for the Dan David Prize.

The winning ideas will be reviewed by the Dan David Prize Board of Directors and the suggestions presented will be taken into consideration when selecting the fields for the given year.
Monetary prizes will be awarded for outstanding essays!

In the first stage, you will be requested to submit your suggestion for a field or candidate, backing your suggestion with detailed supporting arguments.

Should you pass this stage successfully, you will be invited to a one-day writing workshop at
Tel Aviv University to assist you in the writing of your final essay.

The winners will be announced within the framework of the Dan David Prize Ceremony at
Tel Aviv University.

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