Name Your Hero 2006

Name Your Hero 2020

“Name your Hero” – Winning Essays

First Prize

Lee Fromer / Guy Itach
Yitzhak Rabin Amal High-School, Naharia
"Development of a Sight-Enabling Tool for the Blind"

Liran Kook
Ahad Ha'am High-School, Petah Tikva
"String Theory"

Omer Nestor
Alon High-School, Ramat Hasharon
"NIR School of the Heart- providing academic, cultural, social and personal
development for promising teenagers from countries throughout the Middle East."


Second Prize

Adi Assaf
Ort High-School, Ma'alot
"Research in Evolution"

Yulia Bassin
Rabin Comprehensive High-School, Be'er Sheva

Moshe Brumer
Yitzhak Rabin Amal High-School, Naharia
"Golden Rice"

Arad Ophir
Ahad Ha'am High-School, Petah Tikva
"Jet Propulsion"

Chen Torgeman
Comprehensive High-School Heh, Ashdod
"Adi - NGO for Organ Donations and Transplants"

Lev Yakimov
Shevach High-School, Tel Aviv
"Blood Research and the Development of Artificial Blood"

Tomer Yavetz
Ironi Dalet High-School, Tel Aviv
"Ennio Morricone - The Interrelation between Music and Film"


Prize for Outstanding School

Ahad Ha'am High School, Petach Tikva
The prize money went towards a center for students
with learning difficulties.