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petite-poucetteMichel Serres 050512 MichelSerres MC010







MICHEL SERRES, 2013 laureate







Of Thumbs and Heads: A Comment on Michel Serres’ “Petite Poucette” by Sebastian Olma

Serres ... bemoans both the seductive power of the attention-devouring media spectacle and the incapability of the institutions of (higher) education to effectively struggle against their factual deterioration and loss of social significance.

"Rather than mystifying the technological advances of “the internet” and expect the generation of “digital natives” to somehow come to grips with its challenges, we need modes of eduction that enable young minds to not only performatively but also critically engage with today’s rapid technological progressintellectual, cognitive capabilities externalized into devices whose memory is thousands of times more powerful than ours. 

Being ‘canned’ [in the computer, SO], pedagogy releases us to the pure pleasure of invention. Great: Are we damned to become intelligent?”

... in being unable or unwilling to adjust to this new empty-headed yet agile-thumped generation that doesn’t need knowledge as stock any more (as it always has it at hand anyway) but knowledge as process that feeds intuition, invention innovation."

Read the article in Institute of Network Cultures