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What's the Future of the Internet? Here are a few scenarios

future-internet-wordle-366-by-210YouAreHereThe ability of humans to communicate information has come a long way, from the development of the alphabet through the invention of the printing press, to today's ubiquitous internet.

Within a few years, will the internet ...

  • resemble a COMMON POOL with positive “generative” and “distributed & decentralised” properties

  • turn into a system of BOUTIQUE NETWORKS in which political, regional and large enterprise interests fail to maximise the social and economic potential of a shared, global set of richly connected networks

  • appropriate the paradigm of MOATS and DRAWBRIDGES in which the world of the Internet would be heavily centralised, dominated by a few big players with their own rules in “big-boys’ clubs”

  • or, resemble POROUS GARDENS where networks stay global but with access to content and services tied to the use of specific networks and associated information appliances

What's your vision of the internet's future?

Read more about the above scenarios presented by the Internet Society