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wikileaks-information wants to be free w3000

Although there is largely an agreement about the value of leaked information, the strategies, tactics and mistakes of WikiLeaks have gained critics.  

Many organizations agree on the undeniable value that WikiLeaks has had by indicating violations of human rights and civil liberties. ... the amount of corruption which WikiLeaks has exposed is unique in history and there is no other organization that comes close to WikiLeaks regarding exposures of misuse of power, seen as a justified way to protect democratic society and citizen against secret arbitrary government power.

However, the leaks of diplomatic cables made some civil rights organizations and activists back off with their full support for WikiLeaks. The Afghan War Diary leaks had already been harshly criticised by Reporters without Borders. They accused WikiLeaks of "incredible irresponsibility." WikiLeaks was accused of revealing the identity of hundreds of people who collaborated with the coalition in Afghanistan and making them vulnerable for further violence.

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