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Scientific approach to poverty shows promise

Evaluating the results of aid using a scientific approach -- with control groups that do not receive aid -- has been viewed as morally problematic in the past. But the aid industry is becoming increasingly more comfortable with this methodology, because it has shown that for every dollar invested, the return is sometimes double, triple, or even more than that (433% in India, 260% in Ethiopia) -- and, perhaps more importantly, it has highlighted problems and potential solutions. For instance, that aid models need to be tailored to the specific region. But this approach is not without its critics, and testing aid's effectiveness, as well as the ethics of that testing, remains controversial. Read more... (One of the Dan David Prize categories for 2016 is combatting poverty. Learn more here: selected fields 2016 - combatting poverty

Read the article "Scientific approach to poverty shows promise" - Science (Science Magazine)