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Cosmos Controversy: The Universe Is Expanding, but How Fast?


A small discrepancy in the value of a long-sought number has
fostered a debate about just how well we know the cosmos.

There is a crisis brewing in the cosmos, or perhaps in the community of cosmologists. The universe seems to be expanding too fast, some astronomers say.

Recent measurements of the distances and velocities of faraway galaxies don’t agree with a hard-won “standard model” of the cosmos that has prevailed for the past two decades.

Read the article on NYTIMES

2016-First Look at the National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel

The National Campus for the Archaeology of Israel was inaugurated this week in Jerusalem, at the center of which stands the Dan David Archaeology Building, donated by the Dan David Foundation.

The Dan David Archaeology Building will host exhibitions on the latest archaeological discoveries in Israel, research and restoration laboratories and storage facilities for treasures ranging from the Dead Sea Scrolls to rare mosaics, ancient glassware and pottery.

IMG_5540.JPG IMG_5560.jpg IMG_5534.JPG

Nanotech: The new alchemy

In the computer simulation, shapes are set into a structure. Then, the simulation changes the shapes until they naturally form that structure. Image credit: Greg van Anders, Glotzer Lab, University of MichiganNanotechnology is already having a huge impact on the world, and the pace of that innovation is rising rapidly. A team at the University of Michigan is developing a new tool that will only accelerate innovation further, as it allows a computer to rapidly scan through various nanostructures to find the best building block for any given application. "Nanoparticles have the potential to redefine the "elements" available to materials scientists, going from the 90 stable elements to an infinite palette of tiny synthetic particles, just a few hundred times the size of the atoms themselves."

This article also provides a great, really brief overview of the potential nanotech has. Well worth the read!…/releas…/23246-nanotech-the-new-alchemy

(Nanoscience is one of the categories for the 2016 Dan David Prize. Learn more here:…/selecte…/selected-fields-2016)

Image credit: Yuki Kimura, Tohoku University.

The Conservative Case for a Guaranteed Basic Income

Swiss backers of a minimum income spread out coins in Bern. Denis Balibouse/ReutersWith ever more rapid technologization pushing wages down and causing redundancies, could a universal basic income be the bipartisan solution to poverty and inequality we've been looking for?

Also see this excellent piece in the Washington Post:…/universal-basic-income-a-p…/

... as well as this one in Fastcoexist:…/a-universal-basic-income-is-th…

(One of the Dan David Prize categories for 2016 is combatting poverty. Learn more here:…/selecte…/selected-fields-2016)

How TIME Covered the Stonewall Riots

New York Daily News Archive / Getty Images | Stonewall Inn nightclub raid, June 28, 1969Did you know that the Stonewall riots -- which triggered the gay rights movement in the United States -- went nearly unnoticed by all but the local press as it happened? In this piece, coinciding with the release of the movie "Stonewall," TIME magazine notes that it was only years later, in retrospect, that the importance of the events at the Stonewall Inn on June 28, 1969 were recognized by outlets like TIME.

read the article on How TIME Covered the Stonewall Riots

(Social history is one of the categories for the 2016 Dan David Prize. Learn more here:…/selecte…/selected-fields-2016…/selecte…/selected-fields-2016)