Laureates 2004

2004 Past - Cities: Historical Legacy


romeRome has made one of the most important contributions to humanity for its jurisprudence, its language and the importance of its historical legacy, all of which have influenced civilization throughout the centuries.

The city of Rome has carried out numerous efforts to preserve and maintain its museums, its archaeological sites and historic monuments. In recent years, its projects have become of paramount importance and are based on the strict interrelation between the preservation of history and the challenges of a modern city.

The city of Rome, in this respect, has notably undertaken numerous ambitious projects to restructure its museum system, taking into consideration the demands of a modern city. They, in addition, have created a documentation center (database) that oversees the periodic control and update of information concerning historical and archaeological sites and monuments for government authorities.

The 2004 Dan David Prize will be given to the city's authorities, which will allocate the prize money in order to develop the following project:

The Casa-delle Culture, or what we can term a "House of Many Cultures". This project involves the creation of a multimedia center in which the multiplicity of cultures present in Rome from antiquity to present day will be presented. Permanent documentation on the multi-ethnic character of ancient Rome will be exhibited for educational purposes, equipped with multimedia displays. Other areas will also be destined to host exhibitions and various events that will be linked to multi-cultural themes.

In this respect the proposed project will help contribute to a better understanding of the ethnic origins of Rome, the influences of each culture through time and the societal composition of Rome today.