Laureates 2005

2005 Future - Materials Science

Robert Langer

langerRobert Langer is the Kenneth L. Germeshausen Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA.

Prof. Langer has pioneered the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering. He has contributed to the development of biocompatible polymers for drug delivery and synthetic polymers to form specific tissue structures creating the field of tissue engineering. His work has allowed the controlled release of macromolecules using biocompatible polymers.

Prof. Langer is also responsible for the creation of numerous novel biomaterials, such as shape memory polymers and materials with switchable surfaces, aerosols and microchips. His work has led to the development of synthetic polymers to deliver cells to form specific tissue structures.

He has been a prolific contributor to this new field of materials science. He has mentored numerous students and post docs who have themselves become leaders in the field.

In 2002 he was awarded the Charles Stark Draper Prize of the NAE. He has won numerous other awards and is one of the few people who have been elected to all three US National Academies (Science, Engineering and Medicine).