Laureates 2006

2006 Present - Journalists of Print Media

Goenawan Mohamad

mohamadGoenawan Mohamad is one of the world's leading voices of moderate Islam. He has written extensively and eloquently about the power of the press and the importance of free speech. For Mohamad, "the issue of freedom of expression is not about certain collective precepts and principles, or the formulation of common values, but like other issues related to human rights, in the beginning it is about violence and suffering."

Mohamad's role in advocating for press freedom has not been limited to the printed word. He established the Institute for Studies in the Free Flow of Information, which in addition to training young journalists, documents attacks on press freedom. Mohamad has received a number of awards for his outstanding work in journalism.

Goenawan Mohamad is awarded the 2006 Dan David Prize for having spent the last 30 years as a poet, writer and journalist fighting for press freedom and the advancement of independent journalism. He continues to write columns, poetry, experimental theatre and prose and has received a number of awards for his persistent courage and vision.