Laureates 2006

2006 Present - Journalists of Print Media

Magdi Allam

allamMagdi Allam, born in Egypt and raised in Italy, is one of the leading journalists in Italy today. He is Deputy Editor of "Corriere della Sera", one of Italy's leading newspapers, and an Arab and Islamic affairs commentator.

Allam is an author as well as a prolific journalist and editor, consistently speaking out against extremism and in favor of tolerance. He is one of the leaders in the fight for coexistence between civilizations, asserting, "A positive dialogue with moderate Islam is both possible and necessary".

Magdi Allam has written extensively on the various aspects of the current so-called "conflict of civilizations", calling for moderation and the urgency to bridge the gap between cultures. He is passionately devoted to the cause of dialogue and coexistence.

Magdi Allam is awarded the 2006 Dan David Prize for his ceaseless work in fostering understanding and tolerance between cultures.