Laureates 2021
Al Gore may have done more than anyone to raise worldwide awareness to the detrimental effects of man's energy consumption on the environment, and the imperative to take action. 

Gore has been a tireless advocate for the environment throughout his career; as United States Senator, as Vice President of the United States and more recently as a private citizen. He has eloquently sounded the alarm on the importance of the threat to the global ecosystem posed by the world's current and increasing reliance on carbon dioxide emitting fossil fuels as its primary energy source. His book, "Earth in the Balance", first published in 1992, translated since into many languages, remains a classic, not only a call to action but also an important educational resource. The Oscar winning movie he produced more recently and in which he starred, "An Inconvenient Truth", has carried the message to an even larger audience.

His interest in climate change dates back to his time as an undergraduate at Harvard University when he took a course from the late Roger Revelle. Revelle first introduced him to the now famous Keeling curve, the steadily rising record of atmospheric CO2. This experience sparked a lifelong interest in environmental science.

Although Gore had little formal education in science, he has devoted his life to learning and understanding the complex science that underlies the function of the global life support system, and specifically the climate system. He is dedicated to communicating the nature of this science to the general public.

The 2008 Dan David Prize honors Al Gore in the field of Social Responsibility with Particular Emphasis on the Environment for his multiple contributions in raising the conscience of the world to the challenge posed to the continuing sustainable function of the global environment and life support system