Laureates 2011

2011 Present - Cinema and Society

The Coen Brothers

people-coen-brothersMinnesota born in the 1950's, Joel and Ethan Coen have worked closely as a creative pair who since 1984 has written, directed, produced and under the pseudonym Roderick Janes, edited and occasionally served as cinematographer for their impressive list of films. With control over final cut of their films, their creative involvement makes them a creative partnership unique in the history of filmmaking.

The Coen brothers inaugural film Blood Simple, won them immediate critical acclaim as young filmmakers whose grasp of film genres, dark comedy and the capacity to bring narrative complexity to apparently simple plots became hallmarks of their future films. Their over a dozen films have garnered countless awards including an Oscar for best director for No Country for Old Men, at international competitions such as the Cannes Film Festival, Palme d’Or for best film for Barton Fink and Independent Spirit and Sundance Awards for Blood Simple.

Their works range from cult films like Raising Arizona and the increasingly acclaimed The Big Lebowski to Academy Award-winners Fargo and No Country for Old Men. After winning a screenwriting Oscar for Fargo in 1997, the brothers won that award again as well as awards for Best Director and Best Picture in 2008 for No Country. Their film Burn After Reading premiered at the Venice Film Festival and was released in theaters on September 12, 2008.