Laureates 2019

2019 PRESENT - Defending Democracy

Reporters Without Borders

laureate Reporters Without Boarders

(Mr. Christophe Deloire, Director General)
Paris, France


Reporters Without Borders, an international organization, that has emerged over the years as the major international organization helping to sustain the freedom of the press across national boundaries. It monitors government policies regarding the press and other media and provides material, financial and psychological support for journalists and newspapers discriminated and persecuted by the authorities. Since its founding in 1985, Reporters Without Borders has been able to assist more than 500 journalists and in some cases helped free some of them from arrest and imprisonments.

From its headquarters in Paris, and headed by its director-general Christophe Deloire, Reporters Without Borders maintains a presence in 150 countries. One of its major publications is the annual World Press Freedom Index, which follows meticulously, developments worldwide, using a sophisticated set of indices to monitor developments over time. In its research and reporting it views the degrees of press freedom as an indicator of the wider autonomy and freedom of civil society, and thus places the press in a wider social and political context.

The role of Reporters Without Borders in defending the freedom of the press and the security of publishers and journalists is incalculable. Its work has been widely acknowledged, as testified by the numerous awards bestowed upon it.