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Laureates Announced 2012

Dan David Prize
2012 Laureates Announced

Robert Conquest, Martin Gilbert - for
William Kentridge – for Plastic Arts
David Botstein, Craig Venter, Eric Lander
– for Genome Research

Tel Aviv (February 27, 2012) —The international Dan David Prize, which annually
awards three prizes of US$1 million each for outstanding achievement, announced
the names of its 2012 laureates today.

The Dan David Prize, named after international businessman and philanthropist
Dan David, who passed away last year, is headquartered at Tel Aviv University.
Prof. Joseph Klafter, President of Tel Aviv University, officiates as Chairman of the
Dan David Prize Board.

Each year fields are chosen within the three Time Dimensions - Past, Present and
Future. The laureates, who donate 10% of their prize money towards 20 doctoral and
postdoctoral scholarships, will be honoured at a ceremony on June 10, 2012 at
Tel Aviv University.

The 2012 Dan David Prize laureates, in the Past, Present and Future Time
Dimensions, are:

Past – “History/Biography”

Dr. Robert Conquest exposed the realities of Stalinist rule and proved to be almost
entirely accurate in his characterization of the Soviet policy in the 1930s. His writings
exposed the horrors of the famine that resulted from the policy of collectivization, and
brilliantly anticipated much recent scholarship on “Stalin’s ethnic cleansing”.

Sir Martin Gilbert has produced in his multi-volume life of Sir Winston Churchill,
one of the most remarkable feats of biography to be published in modern times, an
indispensable work of reference, and has published many other influential works.


Present - “Plastic Arts”

William Kentridge is an internationally renowned artist whose work deals with
poignant political issues of his native South Africa. He has shown the power of art to
make a difference and has produced an extremely diversified body of work,
composed of short animation films, drawings, prints, and large-scale installations.


Future – “Genome Research”

Prof. David Botstein is an intellectual leader of genomics since its inception, who
pioneered research in modern human genetics, championed the Human Genome
Project, devised technologies (microarrays) to exploit genome information for
global assessment of gene expression and fostered Systems Biology.

Dr. J. Craig Venter is renowned for his ground breaking contributions to genomics
and for publishing a draft human sequence simultaneously with the public Human
Genome Project, for his contribution to the rapidly expanding field of metagenomics
and for championing the emerging field of synthetic biology by recreating a bacterial
genome from synthetic oligo-nucleotides and placing it in a new host.

Prof. Eric Lander is a major intellectual force in genomics research, attributed with
placing genomics on a firm quantitative foundation and developing algorithms to
allow effective use of polymorphis data for genetic mapping. He is known for his
innovations in the organization of high-throughput methods in creating genetic maps
of the mouse, rat and human genomes and for being at the forefront of applying the
genome sequence to the study of human disease.