General Information

  • Nominees for the Dan David Prize may be individuals or organizations. 
  • The individual or institution being nominated has made a singular achievement or a series of achievements and continues to make a unique, profound contribution to humanity, on a global scale, in one of the selected fields for the year in which the nomination is being made.
  • The Dan David Prize is granted according to merit, without discrimination based on gender, race, religion, nationality, or political affiliation.
  • Winners in each selected field are chosen by the Dan David Prize Board, based on the recommendations of International Review Committees comprised of world-renowned experts in the relevant fields.
  • The Dan David Prize Board may select more than one laureate for each field if their achievements are considered to be of equal merit and impact in the relevant field.
  • Nominations must be submitted to the Dan David Prize in accordance with the Dan David Prize instructions, as detailed on the Dan David Prize Nomination Form.
  • If a nominee is awarded the Dan David Prize, the right to this prize is not transferable.
  • An individual or organization can only receive the Dan David Prize once for the same achievement and/or contribution.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Prize winners are required to participate in the Award Ceremony and the Attendant Events.


Nomination Form Information 

  • The nomination process must be completed online via the Dan David Prize website.
  • The Nomination Form and all documentation must be completed in English only.
  • For inquiries, please contact, Tel: +972-3-6406614


The following information/documentation is required for the completion of the Nomination Application process:

Nominee's Details

  • Personal and professional details.
  • Summary of nominee’s achievements.

Attachments (Supported formats: doc|rtf|docx|pdf, max size: 5MB)

  • A detailed description of the nominee’s work (1-2 pages), stipulating reasons why the nominee merits the Dan David Prize. Reference should be made to the importance of the work, its impact, and its projected influence in the relevant field.
  • A full Curriculum Vitae of the nominee or a detailed prospectus in case of an organization nominee.
  • A full list of the nominee’s publications.
  • A list of the nominee’s most relevant publications or projects.
  • A photograph of the nominee in electronic format. (300 dpi, copyright free, high-definition -  jpg or tif /
    max size: 5MB)
  • Other relevant information


Joint Nominations

For joint nominations, please submit TWO individual Nomination Forms, one for each nominee, in the following manner:

  • For each Nomination Form in the section entitled Details of Nominee, in the Last Name field, please enter the words "Joint Nomination", followed by the last name of the nominee and the last name of the joint nominee. (Complete all other fields as required).
  • In the Summary of the Nominee Achievements field, please emphasize that this is a Joint Nomination.


Confirmation of successful submission is provided electronically and a copy of the nomination material sent to the nominator by email.