Scholars 2003

2003 Future - Cosmology & Astronomy

Nakar Ehud

Hebrew University, Racah Institute of Physics

"Theory of Gamma-Ray Bursts"

March 2006
After receiving the scholarship I continued my PhD in the Hebrew University working on the Theory of Gamma-Ray Bursts. I submitted my thesis on July 2004 and I received my PhD on March 2005. After finishing my PhD I got a long term position (6 years) in Caltech (California institute of technology) as a Sherman Fairchild senior research fellow. Currently I continue my work in Caltech on various topics in astrophysics and my plan is to apply in the near future (with in several years) to faculty positions in Israel.

Update 17.11.10:  

A year after receiving the Dan David scholarship (on 2004) I went for post-doctoral studies in Caltech. I returned two years ago to a faculty position in the Tel Aviv University.