Scholars 2003

2003 Present - Print & Electronic Media

Lahav-Cassuto Hagar

Tel Aviv University, Department of Communication

"The Ideology Role of Editing in the Press: The Case Study of the Representation of Women in the Israeli Newspapers"

March 2006
Hagar Lahav
More than two years have passed since I received the Dan David Prize scholarship to young researchers, and I am now on the verge of finishing my Phd thesis, which at the time I was awarded the scholarship, was in an embryonic stage. It is due to be published within this coming year.

My thesis deals with the complicated and deep connections between gender and journalistic editing in the press, as well as with the importance that these connections have in the context of journalistic coverage of sexual violence in Israel. The study of these significant subjects is in its beginning, and I hope that my work will carry a substantive contribution to the field.

Moreover, I began to integrate in the academic world in these past two years. I teach in Bar Ilan University, in the Open University and in Sapir College in Israel; I gave lectures in international and national conferences; and two of my articles are expected to be published this year.

Inspired by Feminist Studies, I developed in the last few years a growing interest in Feminist Theology. In the future years I hope to develop a new approach to this subject, which seems to be of outmost importance, from a Jewish point of view. I hope that this approach, which I have started to introduce in international academic conferences, will serve as a contribution to the communication between women and the Divine, as well as to Jewish Studies.

I am forever in debt to the Dan David Prize for my academic, as well as my personal achievements. I see it as my responsibly to live up - as much as I can - to the expectations and trust you put in me.