Scholars 2004

2004 Future - Brain Sciences

Ramot Daniel

Stanford University, Department of Molecular and Cellular Psysiology 

"The Neural Basis of Memory Storage"

February 2006

Since receiving the scholarship in 2004, I have continued to make progress towards a cellular and molecular understanding of how a single, identified neuron in C. elegans is modified by experience. I have successfully recorded electrical signals from an identified thermosensory neuron, AFD, in vivo and characterized this neuron's response to thermal stimuli. By applying the same thermal stimuli to animals exposed to different conditioning temperatures I am in the final stages of characterizing how AFD's response to temperature is modulated by prior experience. I am also in the preliminary stages of testing a molecular model for how thermosensory responses are transduced by AFD, and how experience modifies these molecular pathways. It is my hope to complete a first manuscript detailing these findings by this summer.

At this point my plans for the future are to complete my PhD by the end of 2007.