Scholars 2005

2005 Present - The Performing Arts

Zer-Zion Shelly

Hebrew University, Department of Theatre

"Imprints of German Jewish Culture in Hebrew Repertory Theatre 1918-1931"

December 2005 

Ph.D. Dissertation:

I am working of the last chapter of the dissertation. I intend to submit the dissertation this summer.

Participation in Conferences and Presentation of Articles: 

June 2005: "The Dybbuk - the Emergence of a Jewish symbol between East and West" in a working group "Jewish intercultural performance" held at FIRT (International Federation for theatre Research) annual conference, Maryland, USA.

August 2005: "The TAI (Eretz-Israeli Theatre): A Hebrew Theatre between Moscow and Berlin" at The World Congress for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem.


Preparation of Articles for Publication:

"From a Hebrew studio to a National Theatre - The transformation of Habima in Berlin". In: Moshe Zimmermann und Hotam Hotam Eds. Between Two Homelands - The Yekkes. (Jerusalem: The Zalman Shazar Centre for Jewish History and The Koebner Institute for German History) 2006. pp. 69-78 (Hebrew)

"The Birth of "Habima" and the Art Yiddish Theatre Movement". In: eds. Ahuva Belkin and Gad Kaynar. Jewish Theatre. (Tel-Aviv: Assaph).

"The Dybbuk Reconsidered - The Emergence of a Modern Jewish Symbol between East and West." Leipziger Beitr?ge zur j?dischen Geschichte und Kultur no. 3 (2005).

"Hebrew Theatre in Eastern Europe". In: YIVO encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe.


Future Plans:

I am currently searching for a post-doctorate position on the United States. After finishing my dissertation I would like to pursue further the theme of Jewish theatre and to study the relevant materials available in Archives in New York.