Scholars 2006

2006 Present - Journalists of Print Media

Davidson Roei

Tel Aviv University, Department of Communication 

"The Development of Business News Journalism in Emerging and Developed Economies"

September 2006

My Post-doctoral project examines how the social and political organization of the economy impacts news organizations, building on recent work that has examined the interaction between politics and the media from a comparative perspective.

I will use the rise of the business press generally and the Israeli business press specifically as an illustrative empirical example. I will argue that changes in the economy's configuration influence the communication needs of members of the audience (as workers, consumers and investors). Such changes result in the development of novel news genres such as the business press. In parallel, business news organizations as cultural institutions sometimes serve as focal points for the development of new political-economic ideas that later spread beyond the confines of the business press. This is a second aspect of news institutions I will examine.