Scholars 2009

2009 Present - Leadership

Chocano Bedoya Vanessa del Socorro

University of Vienna, Faculty of Law

"Comparative Study of the Judicial Proceedings Before the European Court of Human Rights and The Inter-American Court of Human Rights"

Update January 2011: 

The Dan David Prize scholarship has been an important and necessary support for my doctoral studies and research, for which I am and will always be thankful. Thank you very much as well for inviting me to take part in the Dan David Prize Scholars Forum. It will be my pleasure to be part of the Dan David Prize community. My coordinates are the same, and are detailed below. With regard to the summary of my research work, I have to indicate that to date, my research is still in progress and therefore I am not able at the moment to publish any results. I will inform you once I have finished it and I will also communicate you my updates regarding my career and personal details.