Scholars 2009

2009 Future - Global Public Health

Huynh Bich-Tram

University of Pierre and Marie Curie, Ecole Doctorale, Mother and Child Health in Tropics

"Effects of Pregnancy Associated Malaria in Pregnant Women and Their Newborns in Benin"

Update: December 2010:

 Bich-Tram HUYNH, MD, PhD candidate in epidemiology

UMR 216 - Mother and child face with tropical infections-Research institute for development

Pierre Louis doctoral school of public health-Pierre and Marie Curie university, Paris 6


Currently, in malaria-endemic areas of sub-Saharan Africa, malaria is a threat both to the 30 million women becoming pregnant each year and to their babies, with up to 200,000 newborn deaths each year as a direct result of malaria in pregnancy. In fact, pregnancy associated Plasmodium falciparum malaria increases the risk of maternal anaemia and of low birth weight. 


  • To investigate the timing of malaria infections during the course of pregnancy which are the most harmful to define priority events to prevent.
  • To evaluate the clinical and immunological impact of malaria infections during pregnancy on the health of the mother, the foetus and the newborn.


In Come (70 kms from Cotonou, Benin), a prospective cohort of 1037 pregnant women has started in August 2008. Pregnant women were followed at each antenatal visit (ANV) until delivery (on average 5) and 4 ultrasound investigations were repeated. The same clinical and biological investigations (blood sample for haematological and immunological investigations, thick blood smears) were done at each ANV. The mother’s follow-up has just finished on September 2010.

I have been involved in the set-up of the field-based cohort and in the surveillance of the follow-up to ensure data of quality. I was also in charge of the database building and management. Data are cleaned and I am now in the process of data analyzing. One article has been submitted and currently is under review. This paper aims to assess the frequency of symptoms associated with malaria parasitemia during pregnancy in Benin. Two other articles are in preparation. I will defend my thesis on November 2011.

The Dan David prize allowed me to achieve my work in the field successfully.  Once again, thank you for honouring me with this award. Your support is greatly appreciated.