Scholars 2021

Harvard University, Department of the History of Science

Administering the Animal: Veterinary Education and the Making of the French Domestic, 1761-1814

Update: 2017

April 20-22, 2017 “Barnyard, Barracks, and Bedrooms: Medicine for Veterinarians the Politics of Interspecies Touch, 1793-1811.” Society for French Historical Studies: Washington, D.C., US

June 15-17, 2017 “At Home Outside of Empire: Settler Science and Animal Medicine in l’Isle de France, 1772-1815.” The French Colonial History Society: Aix-en-Provence, FR

July 23-29, 2017 “Acclimatizing Animals: Colonial Logics of Environmental Health for the Non-Human, 1771-1814.” International Congress for the History of Science and Technology: Rio de Janeiro, BR