Scholarship Application Form

Before beginning the Application process, note that information cannot be saved, therefore the form must be completed in one sitting. Please read the Application Guidelines prior to submitting a nomination.

To complete the Application process, the following is required:

  • Full curriculum vitae including a list of publications of the applicant (Supported formats: .doc | .rtf | .docx | .pdf | Max file size: 5MB)
  • A 1-2 page description of the applicant's doctoral or postdoctoral research project (Supported formats: .doc | .rtf | .docx | .pdf | Max file size: 5MB)
  • Signed authorization on university letterhead stating that the applicant is a registered doctoral/postdoctoral student in the stated department. This must include confirmation that the applicant’s research has been approved.(Supported formats: .doc | .rtf | .docx | .pdf | Max file size: 5MB)
  • A photo of the applicant in electronic format, to be used by the Dan David Prize in case of need (Supported formats: .jpg | .jpg | .png | Max file size: 5MB)

Please complete the requested information in English.