Frequently Asked Questions

Scholars 2021

Q: What is the deadline for submitting an application?

A: We will accept application forms until March 10, at 12 midnight Pacific Standard Time. After this time, the application portal will close and no longer be accessible. We will continue to accept original documents sent by post for another six weeks as long as a copy was properly submitted online before the March 10 deadline.

Q: What if my original documents arrive by post after the deadline?

A: We will continue to accept original documents sent by mail for six weeks after the March 10 deadline, as long as a copy was properly uploaded to our online form before the deadline.

Q: I've made a mistake on my submission, what can I do?

A: If you make a mistake, or wish to add or remove something from your application, we invite you to re-submit your application and we will discard all but the latest submission.

Q: Is my research topic relevant to this year's fields?

A: We cannot comment on the quality or relevance of any individual research project. If you believe that your research is connected to one of this year’s selected fields, even indirectly, we urge you to submit an application.

Q: I am about to complete my PhD and begin a post-doc. Should I submit a PhD or post-doctorate application?

A: The scholarship is intended to fund future research. If you have completed, or are about to complete your PhD, you are not eligible for a PhD scholarship. The scholarship application should reflect your future research plans for the coming academic year.

Q: What does "approved research" mean?

A: If you are a doctoral candidate, in order to process your application, we ask that you supply confirmation that you have submitted a research proposal for your dissertation and that it has been approved. We require this confirmation on official university letterhead. If your program operates differently, let us know and we will try to direct you better. If you are applying for a post-doctoral scholarship, we only need authorization that you have been invited to participate in a post-doctoral program – there is no need to prove that your research has been approved.

 Q: Can researchers from any university or country apply for the scholarship?

A: Yes. We accept applications from ALL universities.

Q: Are there restrictions on how I can use the scholarship funds?

A: The Dan David Prize does not stipulate how its scholars must use the scholarship funds. The scholarship is paid directly to the researcher and can be used toward all expenses.

Q: If my university is in a non-English speaking country, can I submit documents in the local language?

A: All materials should be in English, however, if you are a student at an Israeli university, we will accept official university documents in Hebrew. All recommendation letters MUST be in English, even from Israeli recommenders.

Q: When will I know whether or not I have been awarded a scholarship?

A: The review committees convene shortly after the March 10 deadline to discuss the applicants’ files. Successful applicants will be notified during the course of April, followed shortly by an announcement that will be sent to all remaining applicants.